Wilton Towering Tiers Cake Stand


Wilton Towering Tiers Cake Stand

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Wilton Towering Tiers Cake Stand


The Towering Tiers Cake Stand is perfect for displaying cakes, cupcakes and more.

  • Sizes range from 8-in. to 18-in diameter
  • Versatile design
  • Ideal for any event

With 6 plate sizes to choose from ranging from 8-in. diameter to 18-in. diameter, 4.5-in. high posts for cupcakes and 5.5-in. high posts for cake, you can mix and match plates and posts to make a tiered stand that meets your needs. For a cupcake reception, the top tier holds a 6-in. cake while the five tiers below can hold more than 6 dozen cupcakes. Fully assembled with six tiered cakes, the stand can accommodate enough cake for almost 300 wedding cake servings, saving the top cake for the couple’s first anniversary. Base feet screw to the 16-in. and 18 in. plates. Celebrating with a smaller crowd? Create a three-tiered version with a 14-in., a 10-in. and an 6-in. cake on 16-in., 12-in. and 8-in plates and you’ll have 116 wedding cake servings to serve to guests with the top layer for the bride and groom; or serve the 6-in. cake as well for any other celebration and add 12 more wedding cake servings!

The versatility of this stand makes it a must-have for anyone who bakes and decorates cakes for special occasions. And the smooth edges on the plates and the clean lines of the design make the stand ideal for any event. When fully assembled, the cake stand measures 3 feet tall and has an 18 in. diameter. Included in the stand: 2-pc. 18-in. plate; 2-pc. 16-in. plate; 2 large plate supports (to be used with the 16 in. and 18 in. plates); 14-in. plate; 12-in. plate; 10-in. plate; 8-in. plate; top nut; center post foot, 5 base feet; 5 short center posts 4.25-in. high for cupcake display; 5 tall center posts 5.5-in. high for cake display; cake corer.

Assembly required. Hand wash.

Additional information

Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 8 in


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